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If you are interested in doing land, water or wildlife research in the Sahtú Settlement Area, the best place to start is at the Aurora Research Institute. They issue Research Permits and will point you in the right direction for the next steps in the process. Or, contact the NWLC office for more information.

Harvester's Assistance

The NWRRC encourages people to get out on the land as often as they can. We support subsistence living through trapping or hunting. Most assistance is in the form of fuel, traps or financial donations. If you or someone you know needs support for subsistence living or getting our on the land, contact the NWRRC care of the NWLC office with a letter of application. It will be reviewed by the NWRRC board.

For more information on the activities of the NWRRC, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sahtú Land Claims

In July 1993, the Sahtú Dené and Métis approved the Sahtú Dené Métis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement, which was subsequently approved by the government of Canada and the Northwest Territories an signed on September 6, 1993 in Tulit'a (formerly Fort Norman). The Sahtú Dené and Métis Land Claim Settlement Act came into effect on June 23, 1994.  



We will achieve social and economic self-sufficiency for the Norman Wells participants of the Sahtú Dené and Métis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement (SDMCLCA) through strong self-governance, fair access and benefit agreements, good long term financial management and sound investment in local infrastructure.