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The following are activities eligible for funding under the NWFC guidelines:

  • Elder's Assistance Policy
  • Funeral and Media Emergency Need Policy
  • Supplemental Program Funding Policy
  • Traditional Skills Policy
  • Scholarships & Special Needs

To receive a specific policy and for details of application, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Elder's Assistance Policy

The NWFC makes monthly transfer payments to the participants in the Sahtú Dené Métis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreements who are 65 and over and who are low-income participants as defined in the Agreement. Payments accumulate monthly and are payable quarterly. The board of directors shall determine the monthly amount payable and athourize it by resolution. The amount shall be increased for cost of living to be determined on an annual basis by Statistics Canada at January 1 of each year. The increase will be authorized by board resolution. 

Funeral and Media Emergency Need Policy

The Board of the NWFC may provide financial assistance to low-income members in need. All requests for assistance upon the death of a family member or medical emergency shall be make to the President, prefereably in writing. Upon the death of a family member, financial assistance of $2,000 may be provided to the member to assist with funeral or other costs. Social assistance payments may also be considered for emergency medial assistance including medical escorts  and for emergency accommodation and travel. When time permits, the applicant shall be referred to the appropriate federal, territorial, municipal or social serice agency for assistance.  The use of NWFC funds shall be a last resort and not in addition to other financial support. 

Supplemental Program Funding Policy

The NWFC has an established supplemental program funding budget from with approved contributions may be made. Eligible programs are those relating to child care, adoption, alcohol and drug abuse, hospital construction or upgrading, medical, dental and mental health care and similar programs and initiating, funding and administering new programs in those areas. Spcific examples of where contributions could be applied are school breakfast or lunch programs, support for day care programs, Christmas hamper programs and support for homeless persons. 

Traditional Skills Policy

The NWFC has funds available to develop and implement programs for young people which will enable them to participate in and on the land programs which develop traditional skills required to live and survive on the land, to harvest meat, fish and furs and to prepare and store the hides, furs and meat; where appropriate. 



We will achieve social and economic self-sufficiency for the Norman Wells participants of the Sahtú Dené and Métis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement (SDMCLCA) through strong self-governance, fair access and benefit agreements, good long term financial management and sound investment in local infrastructure.